There are many great historical resources on the internet including…

Aviation Historical Resources




·      The Ninety-Nines is the international organization of women pilots that promotes advancement of aviation through education, scholarships, and mutual support while honoring our unique history and sharing our passion for flight.






·      Women Military Aviators, Inc. is a non-profit corporation formed in 1978 to promote and preserve for historical, educational, and literary purposes the role of women pilots, navigators, and aircrew in the service of their country during times of war and peace.  Today, we number over 800 members living and stationed around the world






·      Women in Corporate Aviation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, is a group of aviation professionals, including flight department personnel, FBO managers, writers, students, training center professional and many others. From our first meeting at the Women in Aviation Conference 1993 to our growing organization today, we have networked and promoted career opportunities in business aviation. We are role models to the next generation of aviation professionals.






·      The purpose of the Women Soaring Pilots Association is
to promote all aspects of soaring for women glider pilots.






·      Whirly-Girls International is a non-profit, educational and charitable organization dedicated to advancing women in helicopter aviation.






·      The Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance is a nonprofit organization supporting the needs of women in the aviation maintenance and technical fields. Our mission within these fields is to:

    • Champion women’s professional growth
    • Provide networking opportunities
    • Promote education
    • Foster a sense of community
    • Increase public awareness of women in the industry




·      Women Air Line Pilots Organization is a charitable, non-profit organization of career women airline pilots whose purpose is to: celebrate camaraderie; support informational exchange and social interaction among its members in a healthy environment; provide aviation scholarship opportunities for career-seeking women; and inspire future generations of women aviators via educational outreach. 


Women in Aviation


·      Henry M. Holden is an aviation historian and author.


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  1. Greetings! My mother-in-law, Alice Marks, just brought me the December 1993/January 1994 issue of Woman Pilot that has an article about her work with the AirMail Trail Project. I’m pleased to see your magazine is alive and well. Alice is, also, at age 88. She lives with us in Edmonds, WA, now where she is working on her memoire and promoting her long-time dream of creating a coast-to-coast AirMail Trail Museum of the air, with an air corridor following the route the air mail pilots used in the 1920s and 1930s. Give us a call at 206-409-3255 or email us at if you are interesting in finding out more. Our website is

    Thanks! — Cliff Sanderlin

  2. i would like to subsrcibe to your magazine.

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