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Woman Pilot Magazine, founded 1993


Aviatrix Publishing, Inc. founded Woman Pilot Magazine in 1993 with the goal of profiling the accomplishments of women in all aspects of aviation. Since 1993, we have published hundreds of articles featuring female aviators.

Woman Pilot magazine is an international news publication profiling the accomplishments, lives and experiences of women involved in aviation and is currently published only on the web.

If you would like to submit an article, please write or email us and we will be glad to review it.

Aviatrix Publishing,Ind.

P.O. Box 911

Lake Forest, IL 60045-0911

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10 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Congratulations on the relaunch of Woman Pilot magazine. Wishing you continued success.

  2. I love the new look for Woman Pilot magazine, but I’d like to see the outstanding original magazine cover permanently placed on this website that is held in The Smithsonian Museum. It would be a wonderful tribute to Bobbi Roe. Best of luck.


  4. I’m aware that women pilot helicopters in the Afghanistan and/or Pakistan war…Blackhawk “choppers”, that women pilot commercial airlines, that a Pacific Asian country has an all-woman pilot.co-pilot and crew. Just wish there was more recognition by the media.
    I cringe when women in the military and demeaned as airMEN. Why does gender take precedence over the job of piloting? Women pilot military planes but somehow, they’re below the radar of the country.
    I say, congratulations to all of them for breaking the military and commercial airliners glass ceiling.

  5. I am so pleased that you have launched the magazine again. I have researched women pioneer pilots between the wars. My Aunt Vicktorine Florsheim Lederer was a pilot during the 3o’s. I am also profiling Elinor Smith. She was a much better pilot than Amelia. She just didn’t have a promoter like George Putnam. Only Amelia is a household name. I hope to help Elinor and so many other excellent women pilots become more well known in and out of aviation circles.
    Than you for publishing this magazine again. I’m sure it will be a treat to read.

    Keep flying,
    Cynthia Florsheim

  6. I am a black 45 year old female. My husband and I own a Cessna 150. He has a private pilot’s license. I have 18 hours of training with a cfi. I just renewed my student permit at my husband’s encouragment. I plan on joining the local 99’s. Wish me luck! I’d like more info on your magazine. Thank you and God bless!

  7. can the magazine in print be subscribed to?…..where can Woman PIlot be purchased?

    Thanks for your reply.

  8. I would like to submit a bio of a young woman pilot. I need to know the format you prefer, and guidelines for authors. Thank you.

  9. Announcing: “I was a woman pilot in 1945” by Winnie LoPinto, a detailed memoir of the issues women had to deal with when they joined the WASPS as trainees.
    I invite you to read about it. http://womenpilotsofww2.blogspot.com/
    A free sample is available if you go to Amazon and select the Kindle edition. You may download a Free Kindle Reader software and read your book that way or you may purchase the new soft cover edition.

  10. Hello, is this magazine still circulating?

    Thank you for your time!

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