Scholarships for Women Aviators



The Ninety-Nines International Organization of Women Pilots

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The Ninety-Nines offer over 30 aviation scholarships each year. Last year they offered an additional new scholarship to 7 members.

The NEW PILOT AWARD – This new scholarship is for student members who have not yet earned their private pilot certificate. It is paid in increments along with their training to off-set a large portion of their training expenses.


Many chapters of the 99s and Sections offer their own scholarships to members. Check the scholarship areas on the Ninety-Nines web site and also check the chapter and sections scholarships.


The Ninety-Nines International Organization of Women Pilots supports and mentors their members. This organization is extremely diversified in the type of flying the members do as well as professional interests. The organization has chapters and International Sections. As a long-time member, I feel very fortunate to know the women who are involved in the 99s. They are caring, sharing and each different type of pilot, age of the pilot and experience level is valued and shared at meetings that are held all year long. I value my membership and encourage women pilots to consider the organization for many reasons.

Their headquarters is in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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Women in Corporate Aviation

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Women In Corporate Aviation members mentor and network to help women who are interested in corporate flying. I have heard amazing stories about how these impressive women pilots help their members succeed.  I highly recommend this organization if you would like to learn more about corporate flying.



Women Military Aviators

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The Women Military Aviators includes the Women Air Force Service Pilots (WASP WWII). The membership includes aviators from all branches of the military. They are an incredible group of women and support each other in their careers and personal lives. I am friends with many of the women aviators in this organization and they are remarkable professionals.  I encourage you to consider this group.



Whirly Girls International Women Helicopter Pilots

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The Whirly Girls are a fun group of women pilots. I learned early what a wonderful sense of humor they have.  I was told it is the perfect aircraft for a woman to fly.  “A woman can change her mind anytime she wants and go a different direction.”




Women Soaring Pilots Association WSPA

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The Women Soaring Pilots offer a summer seminar with soaring flying. There are opportunities for women who are curious about learning to soar. They have soaring levels to reach and I’ve been told they are a very friendly group. They help each other with tows to altitude etc.

They are very supportive and encouraging of members advancing and I highly recommend looking into this group.



International Society Women Airline Pilots Association

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The Airline Pilots mentor and network with their members on a professional level.  If you are interested in the airlines, check this organization out.




National Gay Pilots Association

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The Gay Pilots offer scholarships and do not consider gender preference for awards, but qualified pilots who apply for the scholarships.



Organization Black Airline Pilots Association

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Check the OBAP web site for scholarship guidelines, a list of scholarships offered and procedures to apply.  They have an impressive list of scholarships available.

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