Blanche Stuart Scott

Blanche Stuart Scott lived much of her life in Rochester, NY. On Sept 6th, 1910 she became the first
American woman to solo an airplane. She was the only woman taught to fly by Glenn Curtiss in a Curtiss Pusher in Hammondsport, NY . Nicknamed the “Tomboy of the Air” Blanche was a unique and daring woman. She went on to become an exhibition pilot, making as much as $5000 per week as an aviator. Blanche was the first American woman test pilot for Glenn Martin in 1912 in California.


Blanche is buried in Riverside Cemetery, in Rochester. Her birth date is incorrect on the stone. She was born in 1884. Since no one seems to know who put the stone there, I don’t have anymore information as to why it says 1880.

Marcia has planted perennials at her grave.
Marcia Gitelman is a member of the Finger Lakes 99s (The Ninety-Nines International Organization of Women Pilots)



I have been a pilot since 1967. I have a Commercial license with an Instrument and Seaplane ratings. I am a member of several aviation groups including The Ninety Nines and Women in Aviation.  I am a trustee of the International Women’s Air and Space Museum in Cleveland, OH.  I have recently been appointed to the Board of Visitors of Embry Riddle University.


From 1995 to 2003 I wrote numerous articles for Woman Pilot Magazine concentrating mainly but not exclusively, on the woman astronauts.  I have spent several years of intensive research on the life of Blanche Stuart Scott, 1st American woman pilot.  A web page about her life is under construction with plans that this research result in a book about her life.

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