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From Courtroom to Cockpit: One Woman’s Flight

The inaugural year of the new millennium was the year I celebrated my 41st birthday and became an airline captain

Pam Melroy, Pilot, 100th Shuttle Flight – STS-92

Approximately twenty percent of the United States astronauts are women. In the history of the program only three women have been designated as pilot astronauts

Aviation pioneer Phoebe Fairgrave Omlie

Early in her career, Phoebe impressed the crowds with her daredevil stunts. Later, she impressed the country with her dedication to the aviation industry.

Shuttle flight STS-98 – Marsha Ivins’ fifth trip into space

Shuttle flight STS-98 rose from the Kennedy Space Center into space on February 7, 2001 at 6:13:02 PM in one of the most spectacular launches ever with a crew of five including Marsha Ivins.

Kitchen in the Sky

Not so long ago, some believed that women should stay in their kitchens. But little did they know what these kitchens would become!

Women Who Build and Fly

Did you ever wonder what would be more fun than flying? The answer is – flying an aircraft you built yourself!

The Whirly Girls: Hoverings Host a Wide-Ranging Group of Helicopter Enthusiasts

With the Whirly Girls, you don’t have to look far to find a historical “who’s who” of women in aviation

Woman Pilot Magazine Re-Designed

Woman Pilot magazine, published since 1993 with a brief rest after 2001.

Woman Pilot magazine

The only newsstand publication directed at women pilots returns online.

The only newsstand publication about women involved in aviation

After a short break to redesign, we have relaunced with more content and more pictures