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Col. Susan Helms, USAF

Col. Susan Helms, USAF

Susan Helms was a crewmember on Discovery launched on March 8, 2001 from the Kennedy Space Center.

The Amazing Aviatrix Elinor Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Smith could not have guessed in a million years that the baby girl born to them on August 17, 1911 would become the ambitious and record-breaking girl-pilot she turned out to be.

Hurricanes From Allan to Zelda

Knowledge of weather is vital to conducting safe flight operations, and the more a pilot knows about the workings of weather, the better

Air Tanker Pilot

It’s not just cross wind landings anymore,” Lynn Mc Grew, first female air tanker pilot for the California Department of Forestry (CDF), tells us. “It’s getting in over the fire and maneuvering the airplane to drop the retardant exactly where they need it.

I’ve Seen Fire and I’ve Seen Rain

Just one lightning bolt exceeds the power output of a major city, and a fully developed thunderstorm releases more energy than a nuclear explosion

Louise Thaden: Women in Aviation in the 1930s

“Thaden was determined to change the public’s perception of women pilots” Harmon Trophy winner, Louise Thaden, was one of the courageous aviators who helped create the “Golden Age of Aviation.” The 1930s was an age when records were made and broken, sometimes within weeks. Thaden set the first official woman’s altitude record of 20,260 feet […]

Stephanie Wells – NASA Pilot and Training Officer

Stephanie Wells, NASA pilot and training officer for NASA’s Aircraft Operations, in charge of the astronaut’s flying training at NASA

Historical Review of Interesting People

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Profiling Women Involved In Aviation

By Woman Pilot staff writer Major Nicole M. E. Malachowski, the first female demonstration pilot on the U.S. Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron “Thunderbirds”, performed her first public performance with the team in March 2006. Major Malachowski flies the No. 3 jet as the right wing pilot in the diamond formation. As a member of […]

Angie Korzinski

Canadian artist Cher Hogan captures Angie Korzinski working on a Beech 18 in her painting “Personal Touch”