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Communication challenges – Gender patterns in talking

Authors: Mary Ann Turney and Ruth L. Sitler   Several years ago, we met at an Aviation Conference and discovered that we had an interest in research about women in aviation. We were both teaching aviation in the university setting and had noticed some uniqueness about our women students. Among the thoughts that we shared […]

Stability and Aircraft Control

By Dave Esser Reprinted from Woman Pilot magazine Stability is the resistance something exhibits against a displacement force, and has been touted in everything from personal relationships to the cosmic forces of the universe. In the context of aircraft, stability plays a key role in the ability to maintain control. The opposite of stability is […]

Turning Aerodynamics

By Dave Esser Reprinted from Woman Pilot magazine Student pilots are first taught the basics of straight and level flight. After practice the basics of aircraft control in keeping the shiny side up is mastered with relative ease. The newfound confidence is easily destroyed when the first turn is attempted. An airplane does not turn […]

Major Nicole Malachowski and Major Samantha Weeks

Woman Pilots in the Tunderbirds

Measuring and Calculating Air Speed

Measuring and Calculating Air Speed

Knowing how fast an aircraft is traveling is just as important, if not more so, than knowing how fast a car is moving but, it is just is a bit more complex

Hurricanes From Allan to Zelda

Knowledge of weather is vital to conducting safe flight operations, and the more a pilot knows about the workings of weather, the better

I’ve Seen Fire and I’ve Seen Rain

Just one lightning bolt exceeds the power output of a major city, and a fully developed thunderstorm releases more energy than a nuclear explosion