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VIDEO: VI COWDEN ~ Womens Airforce Service Pilot (WASP)

VI COWDEN was in the Womens Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) ferrying fighter planes for the war effort. She had gotten her pilots license before the war while living in South Dakota, then joined the Army Air Corps as a civilian contract employee. She lived in military housing on the base in Dallas, Texas. The WASPs […]

The Amazing Aviatrix Elinor Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Smith could not have guessed in a million years that the baby girl born to them on August 17, 1911 would become the ambitious and record-breaking girl-pilot she turned out to be.

Louise Thaden: Women in Aviation in the 1930s

“Thaden was determined to change the public’s perception of women pilots” Harmon Trophy winner, Louise Thaden, was one of the courageous aviators who helped create the “Golden Age of Aviation.” The 1930s was an age when records were made and broken, sometimes within weeks. Thaden set the first official woman’s altitude record of 20,260 feet […]