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Air Tanker Pilot

by Marie Ramos It’s not just cross wind landings anymore,” Lynn Mc Grew, first female air tanker pilot for the California Department of Forestry (CDF), tells us. “It’s getting in over the fire and maneuvering the airplane to drop the retardant exactly where they need it. Then extending the drop out as far as you […]

The Ninety-Nines International Organization of Women Pilots

Professional Pilot Leadership Initiative  (PPLI) The Ninety-Nines developed a very special program to support and help members to reach their goals as professional pilots. The mentoring and leadership program started in 2004 and has graduated over 70 members. The program was the creative idea of Jenny Beatty, and she co-founded it with Laura Smith, a […]

Dorothy “Dot” Swain Lewis WASP WWII

Pilot, horsewoman, artist and teacher, designed bronze sculptures for Jacquline Cochran Airport in California and Highground Veteran’s Memorial Park in Wisconsin  By Bobbi Roe Dorothy Swain Lewis, Woman Airforce Service Pilot WWII, created sculptures to honor fellow WASP. Her first sculpture, a full size WASP in training, is in the Wishing Well at Avenger Field […]

In Memoriam Kalpana Chawla 7/01/1961 – 2/01/2003 STS-107 Columbia

 By Marcia K. Gitelman Kalpana Chawla or KC, as she was known to her friends and fellow astronauts, was born in India, the third girl in a family of four children.  This shaped her destiny, as all of her life she was determined “not to be just another girl”.  She eventually became the second astronaut […]

Connie Tobias – “I Can, if I Try”

 Reprinted from Woman Pilot magazine – January/February 2002 Issue By Henry M. Holden “When I was growing up I knew society opposed the idea of women as professional pilots, but ever since I could remember I had the yearning to fly,” said Connie Tobias. For Connie, daring to fulfill that desire with the necessary dedication, […]

Flying Corporate: Wisdom from a Pro

Katha’s 23 years as a corporate pilot began at a time when few women flew for pay, muchless paid corporate flying.

What Women In Corporate Aviation Means to Me

What Women In Corporate Aviation Means to Me

Women In Corporate Aviation scholarship allowed me to complete my CFI and multi engine ratings, and get hired as a flight instructor

Getting There From Here: How To Earn Your Pilot Wings

Getting There From Here: How To Earn Your Pilot Wings

By Gina M. West Have you always been interested in flying? Have you ever promised yourself that one day you would be the person sitting at the controls of an aircraft? If so, now may be the time to start pursuing your dream. A strong economy, coupled with reports of an impending airline pilot shortage, […]

From Courtroom to Cockpit: One Woman’s Flight

The inaugural year of the new millennium was the year I celebrated my 41st birthday and became an airline captain