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The Ninety-Nines International Organization of Women Pilots

Professional Pilot Leadership Initiative  (PPLI) The Ninety-Nines developed a very special program to support and help members to reach their goals as professional pilots. The mentoring and leadership program started in 2004 and has graduated over 70 members. The program was the creative idea of Jenny Beatty, and she co-founded it with Laura Smith, a […]

STS-112 — NASA Astronaut Pam Melroy

By Marcia K. Gitelman On October 7, 2002 STS-112 was launched from the Kennedy Space Center bound for the International Space Station.  The crew had two women in critical flight positions.  Pam Melroy, Pilot, assisted Commander Jeff Ashby.  Sandy Magnus functioned as Flight Engineer. This was Pam’s second flight as Pilot and Sandy’s initial experience […]


By Pat Prentiss, Past President of the Ninety-Nines Most of us know the scholarship fund exists, but not too many of us know its history. So, I thought I would share a few tidbits with you. For several years following Amelia Earhart’s last flight from Lae, New Guinea on July 3, 1937, the Ninety-Nines were […]

Blanche Stuart Scott

Blanche Stuart Scott lived much of her life in Rochester, NY. On Sept 6th, 1910 she became the first American woman to solo an airplane. She was the only woman taught to fly by Glenn Curtiss in a Curtiss Pusher in Hammondsport, NY . Nicknamed the “Tomboy of the Air” Blanche was a unique and […]

VIDEO: Hanna Reitsch, The First Woman Astronaut and Test Pilot, Part One

Hanna Reitsch (29 March 1912 – 24 August 1979) was a German aviatrix who was once Adolf Hitler’s personal pilot, and was the only woman awarded the Iron Cross First Class and the Luftwaffe Combined Pilots-Observation Badge in Gold with Diamonds during World War II. For more information, see:

Flying Corporate: Wisdom from a Pro

Katha’s 23 years as a corporate pilot began at a time when few women flew for pay, muchless paid corporate flying.

Major Nicole Malachowski and Major Samantha Weeks

Woman Pilots in the Tunderbirds

Air Tanker Pilot

It’s not just cross wind landings anymore,” Lynn Mc Grew, first female air tanker pilot for the California Department of Forestry (CDF), tells us. “It’s getting in over the fire and maneuvering the airplane to drop the retardant exactly where they need it.

Louise Thaden: Women in Aviation in the 1930s

“Thaden was determined to change the public’s perception of women pilots” Harmon Trophy winner, Louise Thaden, was one of the courageous aviators who helped create the “Golden Age of Aviation.” The 1930s was an age when records were made and broken, sometimes within weeks. Thaden set the first official woman’s altitude record of 20,260 feet […]

Stephanie Wells – NASA Pilot and Training Officer

Stephanie Wells, NASA pilot and training officer for NASA’s Aircraft Operations, in charge of the astronaut’s flying training at NASA