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Moscow Russia – Aviatrissa 2004 Newsletter

Aviatrissa – Russian Women Pilots – Moscow –  2004 Elizabeth Brock, Editor   Welcome everyone to the 2nd issue of the Russian 99s Newsletter. Let me start out by thanking everyone who made the May trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg such a wonderful experience. The article about the trip from the July/August issue of our […]

Women Soaring Pilots

      History of the Women’s International, European and now World Championships By Frauke Elber, Editor of Hangar Soaring, newsletter of the Women Soaring Pilot Association (WSPA) Originally a verbal presentation at the National Soaring Museum in Elmira, New York The soaring movement was started by a flight-starved group of young people in Germany which after […]

The Ninety-Nines International Organization of Women Pilots

Professional Pilot Leadership Initiative  (PPLI) The Ninety-Nines developed a very special program to support and help members to reach their goals as professional pilots. The mentoring and leadership program started in 2004 and has graduated over 70 members. The program was the creative idea of Jenny Beatty, and she co-founded it with Laura Smith, a […]

Dorothy “Dot” Swain Lewis WASP WWII

Pilot, horsewoman, artist and teacher, designed bronze sculptures for Jacquline Cochran Airport in California and Highground Veteran’s Memorial Park in Wisconsin  By Bobbi Roe Dorothy Swain Lewis, Woman Airforce Service Pilot WWII, created sculptures to honor fellow WASP. Her first sculpture, a full size WASP in training, is in the Wishing Well at Avenger Field […]

Communication challenges – Gender patterns in talking

Authors: Mary Ann Turney and Ruth L. Sitler   Several years ago, we met at an Aviation Conference and discovered that we had an interest in research about women in aviation. We were both teaching aviation in the university setting and had noticed some uniqueness about our women students. Among the thoughts that we shared […]

Chicago School Kids Learn the Language of Aviation

Chicago School Kids Learn the Language of Aviation

Through The Chicago Youth In Aviation Project, students from kindergarten to 12th grade spend a year discovering the wonder of flight

Historical Review of Interesting People

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Pam Melroy, Pilot, 100th Shuttle Flight – STS-92

Approximately twenty percent of the United States astronauts are women. In the history of the program only three women have been designated as pilot astronauts

The Whirly Girls: Hoverings Host a Wide-Ranging Group of Helicopter Enthusiasts

With the Whirly Girls, you don’t have to look far to find a historical “who’s who” of women in aviation

Woman Pilot Magazine Re-Designed

Woman Pilot magazine, published since 1993 with a brief rest after 2001.