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Turning Aerodynamics

By Dave Esser Reprinted from Woman Pilot magazine Student pilots are first taught the basics of straight and level flight. After practice the basics of aircraft control in keeping the shiny side up is mastered with relative ease. The newfound confidence is easily destroyed when the first turn is attempted. An airplane does not turn […]

In Memoriam Kalpana Chawla 7/01/1961 – 2/01/2003 STS-107 Columbia

 By Marcia K. Gitelman Kalpana Chawla or KC, as she was known to her friends and fellow astronauts, was born in India, the third girl in a family of four children.  This shaped her destiny, as all of her life she was determined “not to be just another girl”.  She eventually became the second astronaut […]

Connie Tobias – “I Can, if I Try”

 Reprinted from Woman Pilot magazine – January/February 2002 Issue By Henry M. Holden “When I was growing up I knew society opposed the idea of women as professional pilots, but ever since I could remember I had the yearning to fly,” said Connie Tobias. For Connie, daring to fulfill that desire with the necessary dedication, […]

Operation “Celestial Flight”

Thirty-eight young women, all volunteers in an Army Air Force WWII experiment, were killed in the line of duty.


Historical film footage of the female pilots that were the WASPS.

VIDEO: WASPS Historical Film Footage

WOMEN Airforce Service Pilots of WWII, a historical look through film footage. Edited and produced by Nancy Parrish. Copyright 1998 Wings Across America.

VIDEO: Hanna Reitsch, The First Woman Astronaut and Test Pilot, Part One

Hanna Reitsch (29 March 1912 – 24 August 1979) was a German aviatrix who was once Adolf Hitler’s personal pilot, and was the only woman awarded the Iron Cross First Class and the Luftwaffe Combined Pilots-Observation Badge in Gold with Diamonds during World War II. For more information, see:

VIDEO: Hanna Reitsch, The First Woman Astronaut and Test Pilot, Part Two

Hanna Reitsch, Nazi Germany’s celebrated woman test pilot who had flown the VI rocket bomb in sub orbital flight in the early 1940’s — 20 years before the first American spaceman — was actually history’s first astronaut. Hanna started with gliders. Her passion for the air soon overtook her interest in medicine, and she left […]

Flying Corporate: Wisdom from a Pro

Katha’s 23 years as a corporate pilot began at a time when few women flew for pay, muchless paid corporate flying.

VIDEO: VI COWDEN ~ Womens Airforce Service Pilot (WASP)

VI COWDEN was in the Womens Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) ferrying fighter planes for the war effort. She had gotten her pilots license before the war while living in South Dakota, then joined the Army Air Corps as a civilian contract employee. She lived in military housing on the base in Dallas, Texas. The WASPs […]